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Hemsley Fraser: Engage in Corporate Education the HF Way

Todd Turner , CEO
There is no denying that human capital is the biggest organizational asset and the key to achieving business goals—both long and short term. As such, corporate training remains a critical element in a business’ overall growth strategy, helping employees constantly collaborate and engage with each other, and focus on their personal growth as well. However, rising to the needs of employees to ensure that they are highly productive at the workplace and are not weighed down by new business rules and initiatives often seem challenging. The truth is each employee is different, has distinct learning needs, requires specific skill sets, and prefers learning in the language of their choice. Moreover, it is of utmost importance for organizations to bear in mind that their corporate education and learning tools must be closely aligned with their business objectives for achieving new heights.

To this end, Washington-based Hemsley Fraser (HF)—a boutique consultancy firm—brings forth rich, insightful content for corporate training and education, which is delivered to employees by expert instructors. Committed to connecting with clients and inspiring their employees to engage, evolve, and exceed expectations, HF partners with organizations worldwide to provide learning and development solutions. The company is highly focused on driving ideas to action, optimizing employee performance, fostering breakthrough results, and strengthening the competitive position of enterprises.

Learn Anywhere, Anytime, Anyhow

Excellent learning content is what forms the core of HF. The company offers an extensive portfolio of digital solutions and training courses that can be delivered at its training center, client’s location, or virtually. The company’s multimodal content portfolio comprises unique learning assets—thrive in five, animations, infographics, fluidbooks, espressos, and z-cards.

An ideal micro-learning solution, thrive in five offers easy to memorize, mobile-friendly practical learning tips on the move, all covered in 2 to 3 minutes. Animations consist of animated clips that combine straight-talking voiceover and storytelling imagery to communicate key learning points in an easy-to-digest form. Relaying key information, infographics represents a topic in a highly visual and text-light manner using images and statistics. The company’s unique digital book series, fluidbooks integrates text, graphics, videos, deep web links, animation, and more to explore learning topics in a blended style. ‘Espresso’, an effective coaching style, is a fun and engaging approach to learning and is targeted at minimizing the time away from the desk. These sessions span for a range of 70-90 minutes and can be delivered face-to-face or through visual instructor-led training (VILT). Last in the asset suite, yet equally important is z-cards. The pocket-sized cards are an incredible way to breathe new life into printed materials that hold a wealth of information.

Further, HF’s novel approach to intellectual property management makes the process of finding the specific content a breeze. A warehouse of the learning assets, the HF ‘Core’ is an easy-to-access digital platform that makes content navigation and designing tailored learning solution exceptionally seamless.

The three ‘E’s of Effective Learning

The fundamental belief that HF stands on is that most successful learning programs cannot be designed in isolation.

Endorsing a unique approach to co-creation and design, HF makes collaboration between organization teams and its trainers a truly enjoyable and productive learning experience

One must excite, engage, and embed learning to bring forth maximum impact and ensure utmost relevance to organizational goals.

Excite: The company does not rely on an “if you build it, they will come” approach and actively takes part in stakeholder messaging, self-assessment, internal communications, videos, and an array of other tools to instill awareness and interest into clients’ programs.

Engage: Be it branded customer service, custom leadership development, or an all-employee team-building event, HF collaborates with clients to design impactful, virtual, digital, face-to-face, and blended solutions.

Embed: Keeping pace with the business growth momentum is the key to higher ROI. To ensure maximum impact from clients’ investments in L&D, HF employs a plethora of tools including action learning projects, fluidbooks, social and peer networking, coaching, and more.

Setting the Pace for Digital Learning

Technology has fundamentally reshaped every aspect of our lives—the way we listen to music, buy our groceries, shop our favorite items, you name it. Learning is no different. HF’s success can be aptly credited to its group of innovative “wizards”—a high-performance team of graphic designers, animators, videographers, producers, and more—to perfect the concoction of different digital learning methods and add a ‘touch of magic’ to the learning experience.

The HF Digital Hub is a huge repertoire of learning content that the company delivers to its clients at their fingertips—anywhere, anytime, and on any device. The Hub comprises an exhaustive assortment of learning assets that can be further appended with the clients’ learning assets, be it TED talks, communications, or YouTube videos. The vast library of content can then be leveraged to curate millions of different playlists that can be sent to different groups in an organization.

Evolve the HF Way

HF is governed by the mission of enhancing the working life for both individuals and organizations. Organizations can choose to opt for a cloud subscription or licensing the core content library, which helps them to curate a learning solution themselves, offering seamless on/ demand learning to employees.

In addition, customers can choose and mix in-house training programs from the Core content library comprised of fluidbooks, infographics, mobile learning, and more. They are also provided with rapid excite, engage, and embed architecture along with flexible, turn-key managed learning services and project support. Not to mention, HF follows an extremely fun and engaging method when it comes to solution co-creation. Endorsing a unique approach to co-creation and design, HF makes collaboration between organization teams and its trainers a truly enjoyable and productive learning experience.

Leading the corporate education and training sector for over two decades, HF has bagged numerous accolades. The company has been consistently identified by TrainingIndustry.com as one of the world’s Top 20 leadership training providers, leadership training provider, and online learning library company. Going forward, HF will continue to add more feathers to its cap and foster an environment of innovation, helping organizations confront their problems through novel managed learning services.
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Todd Turner , CEO

Hemsley Fraser creates, deliver, and execute learning experiences to drive higher levels of engagement. Accessing untapped human potential can offer far more significant business benefit than any merger, process improvement, or restructuring activity. The approach of the organization is the goal of making working life better for individuals & better work environment in organizations. The company provides blended, virtual, and on-demand learning experiences, training courses, and managed learning services. The ground-breaking approach to intellectual property management makes finding your content very easy. The clients of the organization choose to partner with them for three reasons; innovation, flexibility, and great design

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