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CoreAxis Consulting: Transforming Businesses with Innovative eLearning Models

Mark Zides, President
A company’s most important asset is its employees. More than anything else, they serve as the force behind an organization’s growth. To ensure that they continue to be that force, it’s essential for employers to support them with learning experiences that help them develop their skills. CoreAxis, a corporate training and leadership company, helps organizations accomplish this goal with its training solutions. With a science-based approach tailored to meet the core organizational goals, Southborough, U.S. based CoreAxis brings forth innovative learning models that specifically meet the dynamic drift of the market. Riding on its extensive market experience, CoreAxis’ arsenal of solutions focuses on the key tools and structures that can maximize retention, engagement, and the requisite of the newly acquired skills on the job. Since its inception, the company has regularly worked to partner with its global customers and facilitate the development of the core assets of the organization—its people.

Working on its clients’ needs, the company employs the ADDIE framework as it enables them to follow a descriptive guideline for building effective training and performance support tools. CoreAxis consultants take an iterative path to approach instructional design leveraging five key elements including Analysis, Design, Development, Implementation, and Evaluation. “Our instructional designers and facilitators average over 15 years of experience, which allows us to bring best-in-class solutions to our clients through our expertise,” says Mark Zides, President, CoreAxis. CoreAxis utilizes a proactive approach to the development of learning solutions. The firm emphasizes its clients’ requirements, the quality of materials presented, and the learning outcomes clients need. To achieve this, CoreAxis collaborates with its clients and crafts solutions that are closely aligned with the organizational goals.

Zides believes that in today’s diverse work ecosystem, collaboration and innovation are the essential ingredients for an organization’s success. For this, the firm implements development programs for managers and executives.

CoreAxis brings innovative tools and award-winning design strategies to their client partners to support their talent, leadership, and development goals

Leveraging talent development tools such as competency modeling and curriculum mapping, CoreAxis shapes the core roles of an organization to lead them towards their business goals. These models can be integrated with learning paths and assessment tools to fill the void that halts the organizational growth.

An organization’s success is scaled by the trust it builds and support it offers to the customers. Continuously working on both of these tangents, CoreAxis has constantly looked to develop career development programs in collaboration with global organizations.

CoreAxis recently worked with a leading Fortune 500 company in the biotech sector and assisted them in developing a self-directed learning portal for their employees. The existing model was just assisting the em¬ployees to do their specific jobs. The shift in the paradigm allowed the firm to create a self-selected learning portal along with yielding a strong case for customer engagement and retention. With over a decade of experience in developing high impact learning experiences, CoreAxis has brought innovative tools for its large customer base including Thermo Fisher Scientific, Vertex, Athena Health, Liberty Mutual Insurance, and Dell Technologies. Zides is proud to note that the company has been recognized with a number of industry awards, including the Inc 5000 list of fastest growing companies, Training Industry’s list of Content Development companies to Watch, and a leadership award from the Best Practices Institute for its ex¬pertise in the learning and development space.

Going forward, CoreAxis intends to leverage market trends such as gamification and micro learning to grapple with the competitive market scenario. The firm is also focusing on leveraging the mobile plat-form in response to its clients’ needs as well as data analytics to provide metrics for understanding the ROI of training investments.

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