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ActionCOACH Global: Towards the Future of Business Coaching

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Brad Sugars , President, Chairman & Founder
“It is not a luxury to have a business coach, it is a necessity,” says Brad Sugars, Founder of ActionCOACH Global. This statement more relevant than ever in 2017; stakeholders of various companies are becoming more aware of the positive results a business coach can deliver. Mentoring through an "outsider’s glass" is necessary to stay ahead in today’s complex and competitive market environment. Owners are frequently too involved in the finer details of their own business, and this constrains their overarching vision of promoting real business growth.

As vital as accountants and corporate lawyers are in fundamental business processes, of similar importance is the role exhibited by a business coach in pushing the firm further up the growth ladder. ActionCOACH provides business coaching and executive coaching across the globe, with a particular focus on driving growth in business. With 24 years of experience in the field, ActionCOACH’s systematic methodology of developing businesses is a proven success story. “ActionCOACH is the only coaching company in the world that offers a guaranteed result,” says Sugars. Using its proven methods of coaching and mentorship, ActionCOACH delivers solutions to challenges such as time management, team management, and money management. Appropriate time management allows businesses to accomplish more in less time, reduce their overall levels of stress, and facilitate learning and growing.

The other important ingredient for a successful business is recruiting the right people and creating a united work environment that can attract more customers. For many businesses, managing money to keep the business going and generating more revenue can be challenging. “Most people are very good at the job of their business, but they don’t have anyone to turn to and help them with the running of their business,” adds Sugars. ActionCOACH guarantees results to such challenges for every business and executive through its library of solutions.

ActionCOACH is the only coaching company in the world that offers a guaranteed result

In many cases, owners of small businesses struggle to maintain a healthy work-life balance; they commonly work around the clock to keep their business running. Such challenges can be overcome with an expert’s advice, as well as the strategic implementa¬tion of management strategies during a coaching session. ActionCOACH’s intellectual knowledge, ‘outside-in’ perspective, and accountability make their system of coaching a successful one, pushing its clients to grow continuously. “When you get a business coach, you get someone who is more demanding on your growth, but keeps adding value and grows your business,” says Sugars. Getting real feedback and team alignment is another challenge for companies, particularly larger corporations. ActionCOACH works with C-level executives, starting with management, team building, strategies, and skills to build a better business.

Pioneering the field of business coaching and delivering impeccable solutions across a wide array of businesses, ActionCOACH’s success stories are very compelling. One particularly great example involves the strategic intervention of ActionCOACH in a small event rental business. The owner used to work seven days a week, operating at a high level of stress and having virtually no personal time. On top of all that, his business' revenue barely covered its expenses. ActionCOACH deployed a systematic approach that involved leveraging both technology and time management to tackle his problems. Within a few months time, his business operated much more smoothly, and an improvement in time management allowed him to work fewer hours while getting more out of his company. Within a year, his business' revenue grew by 153 percent. The positive impact on the overall growth of the business is a remarkable example of ActionCOACH’s intervention.

With a clear vision to support “World Abundance through Business Re-Education,” ActionCOACH continues to channel its combined expertise and knowledge towards bettering businesses. Filled with competent and passionate employees, ActionCOACH strives to be the absolute best in delivering quality business coaching.
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Brad Sugars , President, Chairman & Founder

A world's leading business coaching company and first business coaching company to come with a guarantee of results

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