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Gilfus Education Group: Leading the World towards the Future of Education and Learning

Stephen Gilfus, Founder
Education and learning has been significant in transforming the world into a civilized planet while shaping the future of over millions souls. With an essential role in the enlightenment of mankind, education today has attained an irreplaceable stature of a high functioning industry engine. With the introduction of e-learning platforms into this space, the education sector has brought the world together in terms of achieving an accomplished system of learning with ever-increasing rates of literacy and awareness on a large scale. The providers of such technologies and advisory solutions to the educational bodies are the actual driving forces behind this revolution.
Gilfus Education Group is one such organization which has helped over thousands of Higher Education, K12, Corporations, Businesses, Government and Associations with education, training, business, operational strategy, research and implementation services. Established in 1997, Gifus Education Group has leveraged its years of experience, expertise and knowledge of education, to create a strong e-learning market. The company has partnered with several organizational and industry leaders to develop the dynamics of education. Gifus Education Group’s expert consultants assist institutions and corporate eLearning organizations to achieve strategic goals, compete for scarce resources, generate revenue, and plan for the future.

Gilfus Education Group incorporates a specific range of educational solutions to serve its clients. These services range from student life cycle optimation, student enrollment, e-learing strategies and learning experiences to content and instruction, intelligence and analytics , branding and marketing and market research. These robust services offered by Gilfus Education Group helps the educational marketers to gain a competitive advantage over their peers in the industry. The company with its specified range of educational services constantly strives to improve the quality of education and make world a better place.

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