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Five Star Technology: Powering the Future of K-12 Education System

Jim Benson, CEO
We live in a world where education is usually perceived as a course to study and acquire knowledge in order to accomplish a certain job or to earn money. But the times are changing as schools and institutions have realized the importance of developing an individual’s skills along with nurturing a personality and a character. This transformation has been amazingly backed by the Technological transition of education system around the world especially within the K-12 learning system. The great impact of technology powered education curriculum can be seen among the modern digital providers who are now more aligned towards understanding their customers and users with a learner’s perspective.
One such organization which has been exceptional in changing the dynamics of traditional education system through technology is Five Star Technology. Established in 2005, Five Star technology solutions helps schools reduce costs, and achieve measurable results, with a proven portfolio of services and software solutions specifically created for K-12 education.

Five Star Technology’s professional services include Technology Managed Services (TMS), Technology Integration Services (TIS), and Voice-Over-IP (VoIP) telephony. The services are implemented and delivered by a team of highly experienced and trusted technology professionals with profound knowledge and skill.

Five Star Technology educators operate on a concept that effective learning occurs when students use technology to engage with information in new and innovative ways. The company plans, setup and configures Google Apps for Education (GAFE) in order to minimize technology related interruptions.It constitutes of K-12 experts who strive to create excellent learning experiences for students through the VoIP telephony product. Five Star technology’s Pivot Software helps the administration and the teachers by enabling them to make better decisions for both students and staff with the ability to analyze key assessment data quickly and accurately.

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