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eSchoolview: Bringing the Education Sector Up to Speed with the Digital World

Robert O'Leary & Grant Wright, Owner & executive Director & Executive Technical Director
“Technology, particularly in schools, is a fast-paced environment with the potential for growth,” says Robert O’Leary, the owner and Executive Director, eSchoolView, a content management system and website developer. Rightly so as technology today plays a unique role in the education industry. With the changing paradigm of global business technical elevation was required in the education sector. Understanding this and with the intention to provide schools and school districts with a content management system including CMS-based products and tools Robert O’Leary and Grant Wright established eSchoolView in 2009. Knowing that there was a need to increase public accountability in the education sector the duo set out to create a CMS tailored for the industry. “We built an easy-to-use platform that replicates common functions of word processing and text editing programs. So those with little or no training (educators trained to teach, for example) could contribute to their school systems’ websites,” elaborates Grant Wright, Executive Technical Director, eSchoolView.

Headquartered in Columbus, Ohio, the firm was among the fastest growing privately held companies in the United States in Inc. 5000. The company builds products that clients can rely on as well as which increase efficiency and save resources. “The Facilities Management, Parent Portal, Online Forms, Instant Connect, Learn, Event Registration, School Store and Responsive platform were created as a direct result from client feedback and requests for new tools. The products can be bundled to deliver affordable and easy-to-use solutions,” says Robert. On the other hand, eSchoolView’s content management system helps schools to gain control over their websites and make everyday tasks simpler to complete.
“Our cloud-based CMS works in conjunction with its One view software, which is the only solution available that combines parent portal features, athletic forms, online enrolment for new students and forms for currently enrolled students under one complete package,” he adds. More importantly, eSchoolView’s partnership with Power School and Software Answers’ Progress Book assists One View to work stronger in data transferring.

“eSchoolView boasts a Tier 4 and a Tier 3 Data Centre, both of which guarantees more than 99% availability/uptime”

eSchoolView boasts a Tier 4 and a Tier 3 Data Centre, both of which guarantee more than 99 percent availability/uptime. The cloud-based software is updated regularly, removing one more level of maintenance for clients. Apart from creating websites and education software, eSchoolView also focuses on helping school systems build relationships with their communities. Training is also included in all contracts and client relations are top priorities for executive management and its entire team.

While rendering affordable services to its clients, the company observed that outsourcing is often the most cost-effective way for school systems to manage a website, particularly when the associated education management software products can be brought under one package. Therefore, eSchoolView provides the technical expertise while school districts focus on the primary goal of educating students. Additionally, eSchoolView team enjoys adapting and implementing new developments around them. “We believe adapting changes seeks opportunities for improvement in a niche market rather than bemoaning changes as challenges. The company’s innovation is evident in its development of responsive sites, recent partnerships and products,” concludes Grant while talking about eSchoolView’s future plans.

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