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Designing Digitally, Inc.: Empowering E-Learning with Engaging and Entertaining Solutions

Andrew Hughes, Designing-Digitally-Inc, PresidentAndrew Hughes, President
Not every individual has the same learning curve. Even if the course material is same, the ability to pick up concept differs from individual to individual. This particular trait puts traditional classroom based educational delivery methods to a severe disadvantage. On one side where the instructor-led face-to-face training methodology is surrounded by the concerns raised due to its contingent process—on how the instructor presents the information. On the other hand, e-learning allows each individual learner to control the pace of the course. Flexibility offered by e-learning provides users the advantage of taking the course in an environment more conducive to their learning style and abilities. Given the obvious benefits, many organizations are now redesigning their internal training processes from in-person, classroom based to digital eLearning platforms. Designing Digitally, Inc. was incepted with a thorough understanding of eLearning technology and market dynamics. Coming a long way from its humble beginnings, the company today offers Mobile Learning, Training Simulations, and Serious Games, in addition to it’s core eLearning solutions.

Designing Digitally’s eLearning solutions offers consistent understanding of the information being presented. The ‘just in time’ Mobile Learning solutions of the company gives learners the information exactly when they need it. As of now, Designing Digitally has been a pioneer in the Serious Games realm. Andrew Hughes, President states, “Our Serious Games provide users with interactive game play and critical thinking abilities by bringing a unique perspective to the user experience—including all the lucrative features and educational factors.” As of now, Designing Digitally has provided custom Serious Game solutions to HP via incorporating engaging imm service learning =methods with heavy and sometimes challenging content. Their Game-Based learning presents immersive and realistic environments where learners can test their knowledge.

Initial Struggle Bringing In Success

Designing Digitally has over the years grown exponentially by delivering some of the most challenging projects successfully, backed by Andrew and his teams zeal to innovate. Before incorporating Designing Digitally, Andrew worked as a freelance developer in the e-Learning and Serious Gaming space. As a freelancer, he encountered and solved several execution challenges related to meeting tight schedules and cost factors. It was then that a prominent client from the State of Ohio (Board of Regents), admired him for his innovative ideas for the K-12 sector as well as suggested him to establish a team of people to work on additional projects of larger scale.
Without a second thought, he joined hands with Nick Taylor the present Director of Development and officially incorporated Designing Digitally in 2006, operating since 2001. Andrew recalls, “Since then, we have added to our team, growing from the blood, sweat, tears, and sacrifices that each and every one of us had made.” Andrew’s experience at the University of Cincinnati as a professor along with dedication and teamwork of the duo helped the company respond to the industry demands in its initial days.

“Designing Digitally, Inc’s eLearning solution offers consistent understanding of the information being presented”

The company today is a preferred eLearning partner to several established organizations such as HP, P&G, TD Ameritrade, Wyndham Hotels, Toyota, Checkers & Rally’s, U.S. Department of Ed, Census Bureau and many others. To create a custom mobile experience for Bridge stone’s sales employees, it partnered with Bridgestone Americas Tire Operations, LLC. The company’s primary concern then was that its employees were only selling products that they were comfortable in selling and did not had the complete knowledge base required to effectively sell the products available. To support this dwindling scenario, Designing Digitally went out of its way and created a mobile solution that was more engaging and educational. That particular solution includes interactive knowledge checks, product flashcards, downloadable PDF’s specifically designed for access to key product knowledge, and data on-the-go all within the module. In addition to this, it also covers various selling scenarios that the learners could potentially face when selling Bridgestone products. This partnership helped the client to utilize the same mobile solution for Bridgestone Americas organization. Designing Digitally has also created seamless sales training solution for other clients such as Mercer and an engaging and educational eLearning experience for FCA US LLC.

As Designing Digitally feels that eventually all organizations will include some type of Serious Games element into their learning curricula and challenge them selves and their learners to utilize Serious Games, therefore, the company is working hard towards it. Andrew adds, “We are on a mission to make what started as a humble beginning into a powerhouse online training company for corporation, government, and higher education clients around the world.” The company envisages that a quality eLearning solutions can take any organization to the next level, and so intends to offer engaging, sustainable, effective, and entertaining learning solutions to as many organizations as possible in future.
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Andrew Hughes, President

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