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25 Most Recommended Education Service Providers-2016

SchooloGY – Accelerating the Learning Process through Innovative Solutions

Jeremy Friedman, CEO
Integrating technology in education helps both students and faculties to leverage time to its full potential. While educational institutions across geographical locations strive to comprehend the best – in- class technologies that accelerate educational productivity, the concerns associated with the complexities of digital platforms beset educational institutions from optimizing these technologies productively. To address these challenges confronted by consumers, Jermey friedman, Ryan Hwang, Tim Trinidad, and Bill Kindler founded SchooloGY in 2009.
By developing comprehensive platforms such as learning management system that incorporate all tools for digital teaching, SchooloGY helps educational institutions to improve their own instruction and personalize learning.

With its ability to combine dynamic learning management, an easy – to –use collaborative interface and next API integration into one innovative solution, SchooloGY has served several clients including Belmont University, Arizona State University, Montgomery College, University of California, Fairview School district, Harlem Academy and many more. As SchooloGY incorporates the best of modern interfaces, it is seamless for the schools and colleges to learn and access relevant information on any device. SchooloGY has always been driven by five core values - Passion, Collaboration, Innovation, Learning, and Integrity. Staying true to its founding objectives, SchooloGY has developed products that are user – centric yet scalable for the education sector. SchooloGy also imparts through video, webinars, presentations, research and best practises and guides. It helps both faculties and students to improve the learning environment in new ways.


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